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Guido Lautenschläger

Guido Lautenschläger

Personal Trainer

Since 2003 I am working as personal trainer. During this time I have been able to get to know great people with their different aims and intentions. I experienced many special moments with my clients.

I love sports myself, it does not matter whether by land or by water. I have grown up very sportily, and since that sport belongs to my life. Whether the half marathon or the SUP, lifting weights in the gym. I find everything class.

At the beginning of my career, I took part in any further training I could get.
Today are more specialized courses with very s targeted content.
My strength is, besides professional quality, the motivation.
Without sufficient motivation it does not work - sometimes I am more mental trainers than the fitness expert.

My Creed: Have fun with exercise!


NAME : Guido Lautenschläger
DATE OF BIRTH: 1977-08-28
HOBBIES: my kids, sports, cooking, traveling
ADDRESS : Hinter der Schmiede 20, 19061 Schwerin
PHONE : 0172 - 32 04 30 7
E-MAIL: info@simple-way.com

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Personal Training

Personal training is probably by far the most personal service available. This intense and equally trusting bond between a client and HIS Trainer is something special.
Personal training is exclusively tailored to your individual requirements / objectives and needs.
You want more life quality or a healthier life? Are you tormented with your back or are you unhappy with your figure?
Personal training is then the best for you.
And at the same time, you can train completely independently of time and place. No crowded gyms or waiting times.
Every training is a success and takes you a little further.
I would be pleased to advise you in detail.

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My personal training studio
I have equipped my new Personal Training Studio with great care and with great care.
In addition to current trends, I have put on proven fitness equipment.

I am especially proud of my diagnostic equipment.
I bought a new, body scale (Medicine Standard Tanita), and there was a breathing gas analysis device from Dynostics.
The Posture Screening, the Functional Movement Screen and all other analyzers will of course remain current.

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What is Personal Training?
initial interview
Here it is completely without obligation to a mutual learning. I would like to answer your questions, present them with prospects and possibilities. This conversation also gives you the opportunity to find out if you can share a common training with me. We clarify together, possibly pre-existing conditions, health care hurdles, discuss your goals and also your budget.
I will explain to you my approach and how the care concept will look.
Still unsure whether personal training is the right thing for you. Take advantage of the opportunity and arrange a free and non-binding meeting with me. Then you know more.

Health check-up
An individual and very comprehensive health check-up will provide insight into your physical condition.
Here I test your mobility, coordination, your heart, your heart rate variability as well as your blood pressure. Your current body composition, the condition and many more points. After the entrance check we know quite exactly where you stand.
Training & Trainingsplan
On the basis of your comprehensive data, wishes, ideas and goals, I will create a training program tailored to you. A frequent change of the train plans is an integral part of my stratgy.

Here you can get a little insight into frequently booked programs.
 Only for Woman
Who does not know them, the small dissatisfactions with their own body.

While a woman laments her broad hips, another complains that her butt is not crisp enough or her stomach too thick. Many women also complain of connective tissue problems on the arms and thighs.

The make-up from inside:
A few training sessions are enough to quickly produce amazing results. The results are more than clear. Obviously you should not forget that the daily dietary habits can form an additional enhancer. If you want to change something, make the first step!

Back stability and everyday resilience.
A lot of people suffer from back problems, and this has been a long time.
You will be amazed at how well a regular workout feels.
We strengthen your support muscles, look at your posture.
Movement is usually better than protection!
They need fun. So you stay on the ball in the long term and your back problems disappear.

Der Trainings-Turbo nach Goldstandard. Ob Körperfett reduzieren oder fürs Siegertreppchen trainieren: Wer schneller und effektiv sein Fitnessziel erreichen möchte, kommt am Trainings-Turbo DYNOSTICS nicht vorbei – und ist damit ganz vorn dabei: Die verwendete Technologie bewegt sich auf medizinisch höchstem Niveau. Sie basiert auf der Atemgasmessung und wird bis jetzt nur von Profisportlern zur Leistungsmaximierung bevorzugt. Jetzt können Sie es für Ihr Training nutzen.

Die Leistungsanalyse ist ein einzigartiges Phänomen: Bis heute ist sie wie ein großes Geheimnis vielen Profisportlern vorbehalten, obwohl sie essentiell für die gesunde Bewegung jedes Sportlers ist. Glücklicherweise sind diese Zeiten vorbei! Es ist höchste Zeit für einen neuen Trainings-Standard. Wie es genau funktioniert, erkläre ich Ihnen gern.

My pricing model differs in comparison to other personal trainers. I'm working very project orientated. The goals and needs of my clients are my motivation even far beyond a trainign session. Motivation and fun are key success factors. The close contact is also very important to me. I call and chat with my clients several times a week to be up to date and able to react if there are any problems to reach our comitted goals. Personal training is team work.

60 minutes Personal Training cost 169,00 €. Please remember that the USt. is not included yet. Please contact me for a special offer for 10hours Personal Training.

Give away luxury for the body

If you search an awesome gift for your partner or your friends? And do you want to give away health, vitality and well being? Than the Premium Fitness voucher is the perfect gift.

It is a pleasure for me to create an individual voucher for you. Please message me

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My goal as a nutritionist is to assist you with your goal with sound and compact nutritional knowledge. I will show you a way to effectively and sustainably shape your body.

Whether you want to remove body fat, get tighter muscles and tighter tissue, or have a targeted muscle building program, just the right combination of training and nutrition brings the dream figure
Not only character desires and character changes can be achieved with a good or valuable dietary change. Disease patterns as well as advancing civilization diseases (heart attack, diabetes T. II and stroke) can be drastically reduced.

"Let your food be your medicine." Hippokrates

Many people surmise their own nutritional knowledge, with lettuce in the evening, legs, buttocks and belly are not crunchy. Or muscles are not bigger and more defined. Of course, a salad is always a good and healthy supplement.
I have no new miracle diet or pills for you. From me, you get exactly the information you need specifically, and I am absolutely convinced that this will make your journey easier and accelerate your traumbody.

As a nutrition expert, I accompany you on your way. Your ideas, wishes and goals as well as your experiences flow into the process.

It may not always be easy for you in the beginning. You also do not have to change
your life. It will be easier if you proceed step by step. You will be amazed at how powerful you can be.
The nutritional plan is only tailor-made for you.
If you are even more motivated now, let us start.

diet plans
Who would like me to have a tailor-made nutrition plan, which is expected the following:
We will discuss your expectations, your ideas and goals very closely in a preliminary discussion. I will also show you a few documented days of yours. What is your current diet?
Then we will first look at your body composition, so your IS state. (Body fat content, body fluid budget, your muscles, problem zones, muscular disbalances).

Furthermore, I would like to test your nutritional history for your dietary tests, your previous knowledge and your experiences. What has already happened to your body.

Your motivation and your purchasing behavior also play a very important role. Also preparation
Effort and professional requirements. Work in layers, etc.
Food supplementation can play a role, but does not have to. (Only for athletes)
Now we have your nutritional status.

You will receive your nutrition plan from me for several weeks with shopping lists.
We then discuss the procedure very carefully and are in constant personal contact. Personal training for your nutritional change and your success.

Costs: Your nutrition plan / nutritional status with shopping lists costs 139.00 €.
If you want more intensive care, no problem.

Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement (BGM)

Corporate Health Management
A painful back, tense in the neck neck area - millions of people have this problem. No wonder - hours of sitting or monotonous work in unfavorable positions is unhealthy. A lot of sick days come, production losses and unconcentrated employees.

Healthy employees cost money - sick a fortune
Healthy and motivated employees are the driving force behind your company! Strengthen your company`s most important resource by reducing the costs caused by missing days, for example, through planned company health management (BGM). BGM involves more than individual measures.

People and companies profit in every respect
Healthy and active employees are the basis for the success and competitiveness of every company. A modern management style therefore takes into account the careful handling of valuable human resources.
Company health management supports you in the responsible management of your employees and partners. An individually developed BGM concept is integrated into the company structure and daily routines. This results in both a sustainable economic success and a positive image of the company.


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Please, don't hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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