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About me

I've been a full-time personal trainer since 2003. During this time I got to know so many great people and support them in their goals.

At the beginning of my career I attended every further training course I could get. I literally devoured all knowledge and books. Today I tend to book special courses with very specific content. In addition to professional quality, my strength is motivation. It doesn't work without enough motivation - sometimes I'm more of a mental trainer than a pure fitness expert (0:

I love sports myself. I grew up very athletic. Sport is part of my life. It doesn't matter whether it's a half marathon, I get on the SUP in summer, lift the weights in the studio or torture the mountain bike - I think everything is great.

My credo: Sport is much more fun when you have fun and laughter

Name : Guido Lautenschläger
Birthday : 28.08.1977 (46)
Relationship: married
Hobbies: my kids, sports, cooking, traveling
Address: Hinter der Schmiede 20, 19061 Schwerin
Phone: 0172 - 32 04 30 7
E-Mail : info@simple-way.com
I donate for: Ein Herz für Kinder - MV
  Project Nepal

Personal Training

I have equipped my new Personal Training Studio with great care and with great care. In addition to current trends, I have put on proven fitness equipment.

I am especially proud of my diagnostic equipment.

I bought a new, body scale (Medicine Standard Tanita), and there was a breathing gas analysis device from Dynostics. The Posture Screening, the Functional Movement Screen and all other analyzers will of course remain current.

I have my studio in the middle of an athlete's paradise.

Surrounded by a multitude of different lakes, there are countless Running and training combinations for super exciting outdoor training sessions. If you prefer to train indoors, something great awaits you. 120 square meters of the finest training equipment.

My studio also has a cozy lounge where relaxed Goals, successes, prospects and further action can be discussed can.

virtueller Rundgang

personal training
Personal training is by far the most intensive service imaginable! In any case, personal training must form a unity between the trainer and the client. It's a team thing. And you can only be successful as a team! You have to understand each other blindly and be honest with each other. This is roughly how I would describe my job after 20 years of professional experience as a personal trainer.

What does personal training look like for me?
The start - getting to know each other.
This is completely non-binding about you and getting to know each other. I would like to answer your questions and present prospects and possibilities. This interview also gives you the opportunity to find out whether you can imagine training with me.

We clarify together, possible previous illnesses, health hurdles, discuss your goals and wishes.

I would also be happy to explain my approach and how your support will look like.

Your health check-up
An individual and very comprehensive health check-up will provide information about your physical constitution. Here I test your mobility, your coordination, your heart and your heart rate variability. Your current body composition (fat, muscle, etc.)

the condition and many more points. After the initial check, we know pretty much exactly where you stand.

The workout
Based on your comprehensive data, wishes, ideas and goals, I will create a training program tailored to your needs. Changing training plans frequently is an integral part of my strategy.

Have fun marching forward. Let's tackle it together.

Training indoors - maybe with you or with me in the gym. Personal training is individual.

I have equipped my new personal training studio with great care and thought. I have had the great honor of moving into a wonderful, characterful building.

In doing so, I focused on current trends, but I also didn't do without tried-and-tested fitness equipment. Gym80, Technogym and Rogue are my biggest outfitters. A lot of small equipment such as balance boards and medicine balls should not be missing.

The make-up from inside:
A few training sessions are enough to quickly produce amazing results. The results are more than clear. Obviously you should not forget that the daily dietary habits can form an additional enhancer. If you want to change something, make the first step!

Back stability and everyday resilience.
A lot of people suffer from back problems, and this has been a long time.
You will be amazed at how well a regular workout feels.
We strengthen your support muscles, look at your posture.
Movement is usually better than protection!
They need fun. So you stay on the ball in the long term and your back problems disappear.

The gold standard training turbo. Whether reducing body fat or training for the winner's podium: Who want to achieve their fitness goals faster and more effectively Training turbo DYNOSTICS not over - and is therefore right at the forefront: The technology used is at the highest medical level. It is based on the respiratory gas measurement and could only be done by used by professional athletes to maximize performance. Now you can use it for your workout too!

Performance analysis is a unique phenomenon: to date, it is like a great secret reserved for many professional athletes, although essential for the healthy movement of every athlete. Luckily these are times are over! It's high time for a new training standard. It doesn't get any better than that. I would be happy to explain to you exactly how it works.

Personal training prices
My fee concept is very different from other personal trainers. I work much more project-related, the goals/ideas and wishes of my clients are my incentive and that also long after the training session. My support doesn't stop after training. The body always changes biochemically after exercise, sometimes for days. In order to get the most important and best thing out of it for you, it is very important to be looked after far beyond the training session.

Motivation and fun for any own training sessions are elementary. Close contact with my clients is very important to me. We call and write several times a week, so I'm always up to date and can act immediately if we should deviate from the set course. PERSONAL TRAINING IS A TEAM MATTER.

Give away luxury for the body

You are looking for an extraordinary gift for your partner, your friends or acquaintances.  
Do you want give away  health, vitality or well being  then a  Premium Fitness voucher is what you need.

I'd be happy to make an individual gift card for you. .

Personal Training
Personal trainer Guido


Full of devotion, I also dedicate myself to another field of activity - lectures. With a lot of joy and enthusiasm and with a lot of activity I give lectures on topics in the health sector. There are topics from the areas of nutrition, generational diet, food lifestyle motivation, enjoy movement. It's not always just the really big lectures with 100,200 or more listeners. I also like working in smaller companies and giving lectures on company health care.

My lectures are authentic, I really enjoy communicating with my audience. Everything has to be short and sweet, but sometimes also a mental journey.

If you are planning something in this sector, I would be happy to advise you.

INFO: The new talk "The Fitness Messenger" is available for booking.

Sporty greetings
Guido Lautenschlager


I'm happy to get in touch with you. Don't hesitate to write or call me.


0172 - 32 04 30 7




Guido Lautenschläger
Hinter der Schmiede 20,
19061 Schwerin